Do statistics speak to you? In the past year, I have come across some statistics that have shocked me to my very core. I’d like to share them with you:
14…the average age of girls exploited in the human sex trade in the United States.
500…the number of estimated girls trafficked each week in Atlanta, and when there are major sporting events or business conventions in town, the number doubles.
7,200… the number of men every month who are serviced by under aged girls in Atlanta.
9…girls as young as 9 years old have been trafficked in Atlanta.
7…the number of years before a girl is killed or dies in the trade.
300,000…the number of girls at risk of sexual exploitation in the United States today.
90%…the percentage of young girls exploited who were also sexually abused at a young age.
50%…the percentage of Christian men in the U.S. who view porn on a regular basis, which directly impacts the human sex trafficking industry.
1…the number of people it takes to make a difference.
Human sex trafficking has been viewed as a third world issue; however, as the statistics reveal, it is a very real problem, not just in our country, but in our cities and neighborhoods. It could be as close as the house next door.
What can you do about? You’re just one person. There are so many ways you can get involved in the battle from lobbying your Congressmen to volunteering with one of the organizations in the battle.
Wellspring Living is an organization in Atlanta that ministers to young girls who have been victims of human sex trafficking. They are a Biblically based organization that offers a safe and secure place for these young girls to find healing and wholeness, with a mind, body and spirit approach. They have attracted national attention because of their high success rate; however, they currently have limited space. If they had more resources, they could open more beds to help more girls [].
One way we can all get involved is as simple as collecting loose change. We all have loose change sitting around; we even find it on the pavement in parking lots. If we would each commit to collect our loose change for a year, then cash it in at our bank and mail the amount to Wellspring Living, we could collectively provide the resources for Wellspring to open a new cottage for girls. Together, we could be an instrument of change in the lives of several young ladies.
1 Corinthians 12:12 says we are one body but we are made up of many parts. When we each do our part, we help the body. You may never know what one of these girls looks like or know her name, but you could help transform her life. Matthew 25:40 says whatever we do for “the least of these” we do for Christ.
Are you up for the challenge? Will you collect “Change for Change” and be part of the solution for these young ladies? I want to extend a further challenge asking each of you to forward this message on your Facebook pages, to your email database, and tweet it on Twitter. Help get the word out to anyone and everyone who will listen. Become part of a movement to say human sex trafficking is not okay with me. Will you do it? Someone’s life is depending on it.

Mail your checks to: Wellspring Living, 140 Howell Road, Suite C-2, Tyrone, Georgia 30290 and indicate you are part of Change for Change.