When you did something wrong growing up, were you sent to your room for “the talk” before your punishment, or possibly in place of punishment? You know, when your parent came in, sat down, and talked through what you did and why it was wrong. For me the talk usually hurt worse than any punishment they might’ve handed down because I saw the disappointment on their faces. I had to face the fact I let them down. I failed them. The talk was always given in a calm voice. It was meant to be pondered in order to cause a change in behavior.
Peter understood the talk. He was passionate and many times impulsive, so he received plenty of talks with Jesus. His most famous one took place in John 21:15-25. He had just failed Jesus in the worst way possible. He denied knowing Jesus, not once, but three times. Jesus knew he would do it. In fact, Jesus even told Peter it would happen. Peter swore up and down he wouldn’t do it. He was adamant about it. How many of us have promised we wouldn’t do something only to turn around and do it? We can relate to Peter.
When Peter saw Jesus, he was so excited he jumped out of his boat and swam to shore. He forgot the last time he saw Jesus was when he denied knowing Him. Jesus didn’t forget, but He also didn’t beat Peter up with it. They had the talk without discussing the issue per say. Jesus asked Peter to take a walk with Him and He asked a simple question of him three times. It was the same question each time: “Do you truly love me?” Peter replied yes each time. Jesus restored Peter and He is ready, able, and willing to restore each of us when we stumble and fall. We serve a loving God who is all about restoration. He offers it to any who seek it [Matthew 7:7, Acts 17:27].
Have you messed up recently? Have you made a poor decision, said or done something you know you shouldn’t have? Jesus has a question for you. Do you love Him? If the answer is yes, then He is waiting to restore you.