What has God called you to do recently? You’ll know the call is from God if there is no way humanly possible you can make it happen. He rarely asks us to do anything we can do in our own strength, because everything He does has an underlying purpose of creating and strengthening a relationship between us and Him.
In the book of Ezra, the Israelites were called to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. In the first chapter of Ezra we find Cyrus, king of Persia, made a proclamation throughout his kingdom declaring the exiles were to return to Jerusalem and rebuild it. While the Israelites were in the process of building the temple, they faced some opposition. Does that sound familiar to you? You feel like the Lord has called you to do something and in the midst of it, you face opposition. To make matters worse, Cyrus was no longer king. Darius was now king. So the opposition traveled to King Darius trying to stir up trouble for the Israelites. King Darius, not knowing of the previous proclamation given by King Cyrus, sent the opposition to stop the construction. When the Israelites were challenged by the opposition, they basically replied “Check the records.” They challenged the opposition to have King Darius check his royal records and see if Cyrus ordered the reconstruction. King Darius found the Israelites to be correct and then he gave them his full support, but he also offered them his protection from anyone who stood in their way.
We need to realize we have the same weapons at our disposal when the enemy comes knocking at our door demanding us to stop whatever we’re doing. We need to tell him to check the record, the Word of God. God has given us work to do, as recorded in His Word, and we don’t have to listen to or obey the enemy. Matthew 28:18-20 or Acts 1:8 are just two Scriptures that proclaim our call to share the Gospel throughout the whole earth. We also have more promises than we can count throughout His Word and when the enemy tries to tell us otherwise, we don’t need to get angry or frightened. We simply need to tell him to check the records. The Record will prove our point. The battle isn’t ours to fight; it’s the Lords. And the Lord always wins! Always!
What have you been called to do, but felt incapable of doing it? The Lord has your back. He will work in you and through you to make it happen if you allow Him to do so. Let us never forget 1 Thessalonians 5:24 “The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it.”