Have you ever worked retail? I worked in a couple of retail stores through college. One of the days I dreaded the most was inventory day. Granted it was mindless counting, but I was always concerned I would miscount or overlook something.
Sometimes we need to quiet ourselves and take inventory of our lives. After all, why do people take inventory in a store? They want to know what they have, what’s been sold, given away or stolen. They are taking an account of what they have to work with. We need to do the same thing with our lives. We need to know what we’ve sold or traded away. We need to know what we’ve freely given away and we need to know what’s been stolen from us. Only then will we know what we have left.
In Psalm 139 we read that God already knows the tally of our lives. He knows where the chips fall and He still stands by our side waiting. He waits because He loves us- mind, body and spirit. He knows the plans He has for us and He’s waiting for us to partner with Him [aka. surrender to Him] to bring those plans about [Jeremiah 29:11].
How long has it been since you’ve taken inventory? If it’s been a while or if you’ve never done it, today might be a good day to start.