Do you have a favorite hiding place for Christmas presents? A place that is secure from the snoopers in your household? My husband has hidden gifts in the exact same place since we got married- under the guest room bed. I know this, not because I’ve snooped and found anything, but because after the holidays the vacuum cleaner invariably picks up shopping bags when I vacuum the guess room. Personally, I prefer to be surprised. As I’ve said, for twenty years now he has used the same hiding place and I have never snooped, not once.
There is one Christmas present that wasn’t hidden. It was delivered and announced to one and all. It was the first gift of Christmas- Jesus. The birth of the Christ-child fulfilled countless prophesies about the birth of the Messiah [Micah 5:2, Daniel 9:25, Isaiah 7:14, Psalm 72:9, Isaiah 60:3 and Hosea 11:1]. It was announced to shepherds in the field so they could witness and proclaim it [Luke 2:8-15]. And He is available to the entire world [John 3:16].
It’s Christmastime. What are you waiting for? Your present is present. Why not take a moment to get familiar with Him?