Are you familiar with the expression “Go with God”? The other day I ran across a Henry Blackaby quote that made me pause. “You can’t go with God and stay where you are.” God is never stagnant. He is always moving. If we want to live in His presence with integrity as we’re challenged to do in Genesis 17:1b, then we have to be moving. We must be willing to go where He goes.
Abraham was called to go with God to a place he didn’t know and his response was immediate [Genesis 12:1-4]. He got up and went. Another time God called Abraham to sacrifice something precious to him and his response was immediate [Genesis 22:2]. Because Abraham was willing to move with God wherever he was called, even the difficult places, he dwelled in the presence of God with integrity and witnessed the power of God throughout his life [Luke 11:28].
Many of us are like the man in Luke 9:59-62 who are called to go with God. We want to get everything in order before we make the trip. We want things our way before we’re on our way. Jesus says people who do so aren’t “fit for service in the Kingdom of God.”
But what holds us back? What keeps our feet cemented to the ground? Fear! A spirit of fear is not from God [2 Timothy 1:7]. The enemy uses fear to keep us from going with God because he knows if we go, we’ll experience abundant life so he sabotages it whenever and wherever he can [John 10:10].
Fear and lack of faith keep us from our rightful inheritance. It is time to arise and walk in our destiny as sons and daughters of the King. Our King is waiting. He searches the whole earth looking for those whose hearts are committed to Him so He can fully support them [2 Chronicles 16:9]. Who will go with Him? Who will He find? Will you raise your hand as Isaiah did, even in the midst of fear, and say “Here am I. Send me!” [Isaiah 6:8].
There is no life in stagnant places. In order to truly live, we must learn to move with the Lamb. To quote one of my favorite missionaries of all time, Michael Mozley, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”