Are you a weight lifter? I do lift weights, but I would not qualify myself as a weight lifter. I do not lift weights consistently in order to build muscle. I lift weights occasionally to tone. A friend of mine, David, is a weight lifter. I’ve teased him before and told him he was a wall of muscle. This week that wall of muscle saved his life.
David had a ripping of his aorta this week. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency open heart surgery. Thankfully, he is recovering and will survive, but several people in the medical field refer to that type of injury as the widow maker. His surgeon said he’s done over six hundred of these surgeries in the past two years and he’s never cut through so much muscle. He went on to say being in such good physical condition is probably what saved his life. David’s regular workouts paid off in spades when he needed it most.
The same is true when it comes to working out our spiritual muscle. Those who meet with the Lord on a routine basis, stretching and building their muscle will sustain an attack on their spirit much easier than someone who is sporadic and inconsistent in meeting with the Lord.
James 1:2-4 tells us we’ll face trials and the trials we face develop perseverance. Perseverance is needed in order to make it in the journey of faith. The Lord doesn’t bring this upon us; however, He knows it’s coming and He wants us to be ready [James 1:13-17]. Through meeting with the Lord, pouring over His word, and communicating with Him in prayer, we strengthen our spiritual muscle so we’re ready to face whatever trial comes our way.
Jesus knew the importance of meeting with God and He did so regularly [Mark 1:35]. If the Son of God needed that time with His heavenly Father, how much more do we need it? Don’t overlook your daily spiritual workout. It just might save your life.