Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? It is a week away. The retailers have been ready since the day after Christmas with their displays of chocolate, cards, and teddy bears. The jewelry stores started early, reminding you to give the gift of love. Marketers go to great lengths to convince you of what you need to demonstrate your love for another. If you have their product, it will go well with you.
We’ve all been on the receiving and the giving end of Valentine’s Day and we realize the gifts, the trinkets, are not as significant as retailers would like us to believe. What we all want, what every person desires is to know they are loved. The “three little words” that convey the sentiment have been used and abused so many times, we tend to question it unless there is a demonstration of that love to accompany them.
In the movie, My Fair Lady, Eliza is over Freddy professing his love to her. He’d been sending her love notes for days. She was over words and she had one requirement of him. If you love me, then show me. She, like us, was looking for a demonstration of love professed to her.
Jesus loves you. No matter whom you get a card from or who buys you expensive gifts, you will never experience a love with greater depth and sacrifice than the love Jesus has for you. He loved you when you were unlovable and He demonstrated it in the most profound way possible. “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Many people profess to love Jesus, but He warns us in scripture not all who profess their love for Him truly do [Matthew 7:15-23]. He can’t be snowed by flowery words. He seeks those who love Him and demonstrate it [James 2:18, 26].
Jesus offers us His whole heart in exchange for ours. He demonstrated His love for us in His act of sacrifice, and He is the gift that keeps on giving. He lavishes His love on us daily.
You tell Him you love Him. How does He know? How are you demonstrating you love for Him today?