Do you like to bake cookies?  I love to cook, period, and I especially love to bake.  When my children were little I would look for any excuse in the world to bake cookies or cakes with them.  I used it as a teaching opportunity (once a teacher, always a teacher).  I would tell them the items we needed and have them search the pantry to whatever I called out.  Then I’d pull out the measuring spoons and cups and have them read the recipe to me and select the proper measuring device.  It was a great learning opportunity and their reward was always yummy baked treats hot out of the oven.  Who can resist that?
This week I am starting to bake and freeze cookies and treats for my son’s graduation party.  It isn’t nearly as much fun doing it alone.  As I pulled together the ingredients for his favorite cookies last night, I was reminded of how the various ingredients in and of themselves aren’t very appetizing.  Who would want to gnaw on a stick of butter?  How about downing a couple of cups of flour?  Of course not, but when those items are mixed with several other things and put into a hot oven to bake, they come out tasting delicious.
Life is the same way.  If we look at our trial or troubles, we would rather pass on them; however, when we realize they are but one ingredient in a masterpiece the Lord is creating, we can somehow endure them.  He told us trials would be part of our lives, but He promised He had overcome the world and we would also [John 16:33].  In Romans 8:37 we’re told “in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”  With Jesus we will get through whatever comes our way.  It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or even enjoyable, but we will survive.  He promised us He would never leave us nor forsake us [Deuteronomy 31:8].  In fact, He says whatever we go through, He goes through with us [Psalm 23:4].  He is even willing to endure the heat of things with us [Daniel 3:1-30]. With Jesus by our side not only will we survive, but we will thrive. 
When life gives you lemons, you don’t just have to suck on them.  You can add them to the other things that have come your way and create something fabulous.  What has life thrown your way today? If you remember the most critical ingredient to the recipe, JESUS, then the results will be amazing.