Have you attended a wedding this summer?  Summer seems to be a popular time for weddings.  Twenty-one years ago today I married my best friend and love of my life.  We had a seven o’clock wedding.  I remember my mother wouldn’t allow me to even speak to Mark on the phone on our wedding day.  She said our first encounter with one another that day should be the wedding.
We had such a beautiful ceremony, much of which I would have missed if we hadn’t videotaped it.  I learned a lot about that day when I watched our video for the first time.  My husband had a microphone clipped to him, which he immediately forgot about, so the video would pick up our vows; however, it picked up much more.
We watched the video the night we came home from our honeymoon and I witnessed something I would treasure in my heart like Mary [Luke 2:19]. I was to come down aisle to Trumpet Voluntary.  There was a trumpet prelude that was only a few lines, but it introduced the song.  The moment the prelude started you could hear my husband stating over and over, “Come on, come on, come on.”  He was eagerly anticipating my entrance into the church.  You knew the moment when I rounded the corner, even though the video was focused on him, because he began again…”Oh, my goodness.  Oh, my goodness.”  His overwhelming love declared in those three words melted my heart. 
What many of us fail to realize is we are the bride of Christ [John 3:29].  We have stolen His heart and He is captivated by us [Song of Solomon 4:9].  He is enthralled with our beauty [Psalm 45:11]. The Lord anticipates the day when He will be joined with us as one for all eternity.  He woos us and calls us to come to Him and join Him in His labor [Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:14].  He calls us to join in the great risk taking adventure of life with Him [Matthew 14:29].  He calls us to bring our worries and sorrows to Him [Matthew 11:28].  He calls us to steal away with Him for intimacy [John 14:31].  He is constantly calling to us.  How will you respond to His call?