Have you ever witnessed a mother bird care for her babies?  It is an interesting sight to see.  We have one tree in our front yard and every spring a mama bird chooses it to build her nest, not matter how many times we take the nests down in the fall.  We know the minute the babies are born, because we hear them calling for their mama.  Just like any baby, they cry and cry when they want something, be it food or mama. Mama bird will scour for food and bring it back to the nest to feed the babies until she determines they are ready to survive on their own.  At that point, she literally pushes them out of the nest forcing them to fly on their own.
This summer I’ve thought a lot about that mama bird and wondered how she knew the precise moment to push her babies out of the nest.  I know the day is fast approaching when I will push my firstborn out of my nest to fly on his own.  God is so gentle with me, in that He is giving me stepping stones leading to that day.  Last night my son went to see the midnight premiere of the Dark Knight with a group of his friends.  He wouldn’t be home until three or four in the morning, depending on whether they went to Waffle House after the movie.  I’ve always stayed up until he’s come in for the night, but there was no way I could this time and function the next day. What was I going to do?
I found myself at a crossroads, a crisis of belief moment.  The question I had to ask myself wasn’t “Do I trust Sam?” because I do trust him.  He has proven himself to make wise choices and be responsible.  The question I was faced with was “Do I trust God to take care of Sam?” 
If I believe Deuteronomy 31:6, 8 and Joshua 1:5 that say God will never leave us nor forsake us, then I had to know that extended to my son as well.  If I believe God loves us enough to die for us, then I had to trust He loved Sam enough to watch over him [John 3:16].  He tells us in Psalm 121:5-8, “The LORD watches over you– the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm– He will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  He also says in that Psalm that He never sleeps or slumbers [Psalm 121:3-4].  I had to trust God had Sam covered.  After all, He was already going to be awake, so why not trust Him to take the night shift and make sure Sam got home safely?
I crawled in bed last night at total peace, trusting Sam would go to the movies with his friend, most likely stop off at Waffle House afterwards and get home safe and sound.  I slept like a baby.  At four-thirty in the morning I heard the beeping sound of the security system being set and I knew God had done it.  He had watched over my son and brought him safely home.  Now I’m just one shove closer to pushing him out of the nest.
What about you?  What’s keeping you awake?  Is it a loved one who hasn’t come home yet or is it something at work that has you troubled?  No matter what it is, you can trust God with it.  Hasn’t He proven Himself faithful?  Give it to Him to take care of and rest in peace, sweet friend.