What’s our culture’s attraction to fast food?  Is it the taste, the convenience or the instant gratification?  I think we’re all held captive to the clock more than we’d like to admit and the ability to speak our order into a box and have it filled in the sixty seconds it takes to drive our car around to the window to pay has become almost addictive. It’s so easy.  And now all of the fast food restaurants are pushing super-sizing your meal.  Our motto has become bigger is better, even with regard to miracles.  We’ve lost our awe of God stepping into ordinary circumstances.  We don’t consider things a miracle if there isn’t the crowd stopping “WOW” factor.
In 2 Kings 4:42-44 we read about Elisha taking twenty barley loaves and feeding one hundred people.  We read that and gloss over it because after all, Jesus took two fish and five loaves of bread and fed five thousand people [Matthew 14:15-22].  We fail to see that feeding one hundred people with twenty loaves of bread is a miracle.  Could you do it?  I know I couldn’t make it happen.
God has been in the miracle business from the beginning of time, yet we fail to see it more often than not.  We can acknowledge the miracle God worked through Elisha without taking away from what Jesus did in feeding the five thousand.
Many times in our lives we miss miracles from God, because we’re so busy looking for the super-sized miracle.  Have you seen a sunrise lately?  It is truly spectacular.  Have you heard the first cry of a new born baby recently?  It is more beautiful than the most masterful symphony orchestra.  Have witnessed the ocean’s tide, rushing up to meet the sand and knowing exactly where to stop and start its decent?  Have you paused to take a deep breath and thought about how your body breaths in and out without ceasing?  
God has always been in the miracle business and He still is today!  What have you missed today looking for a massive miracle? Open your eyes.  Tune in your ears.  Awaken your spirit to the miracles of God.  It doesn’t matter if it is grand before a crowd of thousands or small and just for you, it’s still a miracle.  Praise Him!