Do you trust God?  Do you trust Him enough to go out on a limb and declare He is who He says He is?  What about before a large crowd?  What about before a large crowd of people who disagree with you?
Elijah did.  Not only did he do God’s work as God directed, He went out on a limb and declared his God was God, in front of his enemies. 
1 Kings 18:16-39 is one of my all-time favorite stories of the Old Testament.  Elijah told King Ahab to gather the four hundred fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Asherah along with all of Israel and meet him on Mount Carmel.  He was about to have a throw down like never before in history [1 Kings 18:19].  Elijah didn’t just believe God existed, he believed He would reveal Himself before all of Israel.  If God didn’t show up, Elijah was a dead man.  There would be no negotiating or second try.  Elijah was in a do or diemoment and he instigated it.  Why would he do that? Why would anyone do that?
Elijah knew the Lord would come through.  He was called by God, had an intimate relationship with Him and knew he could count on God [Psalm 50:15].  He knew God was for him and not against him [Romans 8:31].  He believed not only was God capable of showing up, but He was willing [Daniel 3:17-18, Matthew 8:1-3].  How many times do we find ourselves in a situation in life and think, “God doesn’t care” or “God isn’t willing to help me?”  If we’re honest, we’d have to say more times than we can count.  Why are we “of little faith” [Matthew 14:31]?  Why do we doubt? 
In Matthew 17:20 Jesus tells us if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains.  I don’t know about you, but I want mountain moving faith.  I want to have the guts of Elijah to take on any situation I find myself in knowing my God is not only big enough to take care of it, but He is willing to show up and show out. 
God showed up in a huge way for Elijah that day.  He didn’t just consume the sacrifice, but to make sure there were no questions about Who He was (and is today), He consumed the wood, the rocks, and the soil [1 Kings 18:38].  Why did He go to such extreme measures?  Because Elijah asked Him to do it.  Elijah… one man, facing over eight hundred and fifty enemies who would have loved nothing more than to take his life.  Elijah plus God.  It’s time we walked in faith knowing one plus God is the majority.