What is your biggest dream right now?  What do you ponder before you turn the light out at night and wake up thinking about?  We all have a dream whether we’ve said it out loud or simply held it privately inside of our heart.  Do you want to see your dream become a reality?  I can promise you it will never happen without hard work.
My Daddy used to always say “Anything worth having is worth working for.”  That is true whether you’re talking about obtaining a promotion, losing ten pounds or repairing a relationship with someone you love.  Your investment will impact your return.
Our relationship with Jesus is no different.  What we get out of it is based on what we put into it.  Saying we want to go deep with Him is just words unless we’re willing to dive deep and start swimming to get there. How can we possibly have a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus if we fail to spend time with Him?  How else are we going to get to know Him?  If we won’t read His love letter to us, then how do we expect to know His heart? Mark Fritchman said, “The distance between where you are right now and where you want to go with Him is the pain you’re unwilling to endure.”  It takes work and sacrifice to have an intimate relationship with the Lord, but it’s so worth it.  We have to decide what or who will be our priority; what or who will gain our undivided attention.
Jeremiah 31:3b says, ““I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.”  The Lord longs to have an intimate relationship with us, but it requires something of us.  He can’t have an intimate relationship with us by Himself.  It takes two to have a relationship. What are you willing to contribute?  Are you willing to sacrifice sleep for time with Him [Mark 1:35]?  Are you willing to make Him your priority [Matthew 6:33]?  Are you willing to seek Him out [Isaiah 55:6]?
He has paid the ultimate price to have a relationship with you [John 3:16].  What are you willing to do in order to have a relationship with Him?