Have you ever had something happen in your life you didn’t see coming?  In your wildest dreams, you never would have pictured your life ending up… you fill in the blank. Sometimes those things come as a result of our own actions: good, bad or otherwise. Other times, we can’t understand why?  We may even find ourselves asking, “God, are you there?  Did you forget about me?”  The good news is the answers to those questions are yes and no.  God is always there.  He never leaves us nor forsakes us no matter what it feels like [Deuteronomy 31:8, Matthew 28:20].  We can also rest in knowing He doesn’t forget about us [Isaiah 49:15, Luke 12:7]. 
Joseph is a guy you can read about in the Bible.  He had dreams of a grand life.  He saw his brothers and even his father bowing down before him [Genesis 37:6-10].  He shared his dreams with his family and it didn’t go well for him.  His brothers were so jealous, they ended up selling him into slavery and told their father he was dead [Genesis 37:19-34].  If that wasn’t bad enough, the man who bought him as a slave ended up falsely accusing him of a crime and had him thrown into prison [Genesis 39:20].  Slavery and prison are a far cry from having people bow at your feet.  He had every reason to believe he had been abandoned by God; however, Joseph trusted God.  He knew God’s character was to love him, so he served God faithfully wherever he was and God did not forget him [Genesis 40:1-23].  Joseph trusted in God’s plan and God’s timing.  He understood God’s plans are never thwarted [Job 42:2].  
A Kairos moment is a right or opportune time. In God’s Kairos  moment for Joseph, He put him in a position to be second in command of all of Egypt where people bowed at his feet, even his brothers [Genesis 41:41-Genesis 45:15].
Are you in a place right now where you feel like God has forgotten you?  Dear friend, I can promise you He hasn’t, even if it feels like it.  He may be working behind the scenes to line things up for your Kairos moment.  He is trustworthy [2 Samuel 7:28].  He has amazing plans for you and me [Jeremiah 29:11].  We can cling to that knowledge, even when our circumstances don’t support it.  He has not forgotten you!