Have you ever read a book and walked away from it with unanswered questions?  I do that all the time.  Whether fiction or non-fiction, I find myself wishing I could sit down with the author in a Starbucks and discuss my questions over a cup of coffee.  Some authors give readers the opportunity to ask questions.  Through Facebook and Twitter, they allow readers to follow them and comment.  Sometimes they will respond to a Tweet or a post and other times not.  Many are simply interested in having you follow them to increase their numbers so they look good when they go to a publisher to pitch their next book.  It’s all about them.
Thankfully, there is One author who invites us to sit down with Him daily to discuss His writing.  He encourages us to ask Him questions on a regular basis.  It delights Him to have us seek Him out so He can answer our questions [Jeremiah 33:3]. He wants us to follow Him, but it’s for our benefit, not His [Matthew 4:19, Mark 2:14, Luke 9:23].  He doesn’t just want us to read His book and walk around with unanswered questions.  He desires a relationship with us for all eternity and He paid the price to make it possible [John 3:16, John 17:21].
What are you reading today? Has it left you empty or with questions?  Why not read the Book whose author is constantly available to you?  It’s a book filled with suspense, battle, love, friendship, and triumph over hardship.  The good guy wins in the end, but there is so much the reader learns along the way. For generations, its been referred to as a Good Book. Why not pick it up today?