Do you ever find yourself thinking of a place you’ve traveled, reminiscing in your mind the time you had there? My mind and heart have been on Ghana a lot lately.  I’ve pulled out my scrapbooks of past trips there and recalled stories of time spent there. 
One of the things I always try and do at the end of a trip in Ghana is head to the coastal area to take my team on a tour of one of the two slave castles there.  It is powerful to learn about how slavery began on that side of the ocean; how what took place there impacted what took place here. One of the most eye opening bits of knowledge shared on the tour is those sold into slavery were sold by their own people. The concept seems unfathomable to us; yet the same thing is happening in the United States today and is referred to as the crime hidden in plain sight.
We say slavery was abolished around a hundred and fifty years ago through the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, but there are more slaves in the world today than any other time in human history and many of them are held right here in the United States of America.  Our children are being bought and sold by their own people, fellow Americans. Where is the outrage? Where is the national movement to bring this to an end? It has to happen. Until this United States unite and declare “No more!” this heinous crime will continue to happen night after night.
As believers, we have a responsibility to sound the alarm, scream it from the rooftops. In Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus tells of when He will come in glory to separate those who loved Him and did His work from those who didn’t.  He said those who did for “the least of these” in His name loved Him. Who are the least of these? Anyone in need, according to the Lord’s explanation. The precious children being sold multiple times a night for someone else’s financial gain would certainly qualify as the least of these. 
Jesus values children and makes it His business to know what people do for them and to them. They are so precious to Him, He assigns angels to them [Matthew 18:10]. Those who do for them are blessed by Him [Matthew 10:42].  Those who bring harm to them will have to answer for it [Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, and Luke 17:2].
These children need someone to stand as a voice for hope and demand for change. What can you do? How can you help? Simply put, you can help by being their voice.  Call your elected officials.  Put their numbers on speed dial and let them hear from you regularly demanding they write bills and pass laws to protect our children and punish those who sell them andthose who purchase them. Continue to remind them of this atrocity taking place in our land until they consider you to be like the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8. She continued to cry out over and over and over to the judge until he granted her request. Our children are counting on us.  
Our Lord is counting on us.  William Wilberforce once said, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.” Paul said, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” [Galatians 5:1]. What will you do? How will you become their voice?