What have you watched on television lately?  The Voice?  Grey’s Anatomy? I’m just listing a few of the programs I’ve seen people posting about on Facebook lately.  In the past two days there have been three television programs broadcast on network television on the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Did you happen to catch any of them?  Those types of programs are like the starving child in Africacommercials. If we watch them, they pierce our hearts and we can’t just go about our day ignoring it, can we?
The reality is human sex trafficking is exploding across our globe whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  It isn’t just a third world issue anymore.  It’s an in your backyard issue and we must face it if we’re ever going to see things shift.  This is an issue that will take more than law enforcement to eradicate.  It will take every day citizens like you and me uniting together raising our voices as one to say “No more!”
Children are precious to Jesus.  He is very protective of them.  In Matthew 18:6 He says, “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”  In Matthew 18:10 He tells us children have their own angels assigned to them and those angels have face time with Jesus. We are admonished through our Scripture to care for the widows and the children.  When we allow the evil of human trafficking to prevail without taking a stand against it, we’re failing to do what Jesus called us to do [Matthew 25:35-46]. This is serious business people and it matters to the Lord.  You can’t hardly pick up a paper or turn on the television that someone somewhere isn’t starting to speak out against human trafficking.
So, what about you?  What will you do?  Will you begin to write your elected officials on the local, state, and national level demanding they crack down on the men who exploit and rape our children?  Will you educate yourself on the issue so you can become a voice for hope by educating others? Will you give your time and financial resources to those organizations that are on the front lines? The world is waiting for you to respond.  A little girl is praying you will.