Do you ever find yourself in the midst of a situation asking “Why, Lord” only to hear silence? So many times we’re seeking for the why in our situation instead of trusting in the Who.
I spent time in Genesis and Exodus this weekend reading about some great men of faith who faced incredible challenges, yet kept focused on the Who instead of the why.  We could learn a lot from them.
In Exodus 2 we are introduced to Moses.  His mother wanted to protect him from the edict Pharaoh sent out to kill all the male babies, so she put him in a papyrus basket and sent it down the Nile, trusting the Lord would protect him.  Where did he end up?  Moses landed in the very heart of enemy camp, Pharaoh’s house [Exodus 2:5-10].  He was raised in Pharaoh’s house until God called him out, not only to deliver him, but for him to deliver a nation of slaves into freedom [Exodus 5-12].  Who would have thought Moses’ path as deliverer would start out in Pharaoh’s home?
In Genesis 37:1-11 we meet Joseph, a young, ambitious son of Jacob. He shares a few dreams God gave him with his family and it only stirred up dissention in the household, so much so that his brothers plotted to kill him. Reuben intervened so the brothers chose to sell Joseph into slavery with merchants heading to Egypt [Genesis 37:12-36].  He was purchased by a man named Potiphar who trusted him to run his household and Joseph was faithful in all he did. Even though his work was above reproach, Joseph landed in jail for a crime he didn’t commit [Genesis 39:1-20].  Being a man of noble character, Joseph worked at all he was put in charge of as if working unto the Lord [Colossians 3:23].  From prison, he was brought before Pharaoh to interpret dreams [Genesis 41:1-38].  Pharaoh, the enemy who had him in prison, elevated him to the position of second in command [Genesis 41:39-57].  It was then, Joseph’s brothers came before him and bowed, not realizing it was their brother they bowed before [Genesis 42-45]. God fulfilled Joseph’s dreams, he just did so by taking Joseph down an unlikely path.
Many times we believe we hear clearly from the Lord and then our circumstances seem to contradict how we think things should play out.  We forget God doesn’t necessarily do things the way we would do them [Isaiah 55:8].  He works through all sorts of circumstances and people to bring about His plans [Genesis 50:20].  He works all things together for the result He wants, even the bad stuff [Romans 8:28].
Do you feel like Moses or Joseph sometimes? You’re certain God shared His plan for your future with you, but you just don’t see it happening?  Your career isn’t where you thought it would be at this time in your life; you thought you’d be married by now or at least engaged to someone; you felt called to full time ministry, but you just don’t see how it’s going to work out… No matter the situation, you can rest assured, if God told you He was going to do something in, through, or for you, He will [1 Thessalonians 5:24].  His plans are never thwarted [Job 42:2].
So what are you waiting for?  What do you hope to see God do in your life?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.  Putting words to your dream can be powerful. Others can come along beside you and pray for you. What’s keeping you silent? Is it the circumstances you find yourself in right now?  Let Joseph and Moses be encouragement to you. If God said it, He’ll do it!