When someone gives you a list of things to do, does it overwhelm you?  It always makes me think back to my college days when my panic increased with each syllabus I received.   Every semester, I’d think, “There’s no way I can do all of this.”  Then I would take out my calendar and start plotting due dates and test dates. Suddenly it wasn’t nearly as overwhelming.  I would take it one assignment at a time, one step at a time, and I’d make it through the semester, still standing.  There’s something to be said for doing one thing.  Everyone can handle doing one thing.  It’s the list of things that looks impossible.
I pondered the concept of one thing yesterday.  I was working with the guys from Resolution Hope to secure the final interviews for the New Year’s Eve television special on human sex trafficking in America.  I sat there listening to people share how they got involved in the fight against human trafficking in America. I heard from detectives, agencies who reach out to the survivors offering them support and services, ministries who work to prevent girls from becoming captive, a survivor, and even a former pimp who now fights for victims after he had an encounter with Jesus. After listening to eight hours of interviews, I couldn’t help but feel the magnitude of the issue.  It would be easy to think the issue is just too big to tackle. However, each one of these individuals indicated if everyone would do something, just one thing, then we would begin to advance in the fight.  
In John 21, the disciples were feeling overwhelmed.  They had just seen their leader, their Lord, crucified.  They didn’t know what to do, so they went back to their old ways.  They went fishing.  While they were in the boat, Jesus showed up and invited them to join Him for a breakfast [verse 12].  After He had fed them, He asked to speak with Peter.  As they walked down the beach, Jesus asked Peter three times if he love Him [verse 13, 16, and 17].  Three times Peter responded yes.  What came next?  What did Jesus ask Peter to do?  “Feed my lambs” was his first command.  “Take care of my sheep” was His second and third response.  Bottom line, don’t just say you love Me, do something to show it. 
Jesus calls us to love one another [John 13:34].  How do people know if we love them? It’s by our actions. It goes back to the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.”  When Jesus called Peter to feed His sheep, He was asking Peter to demonstrate his love for Jesus by taking care of those Jesus loved. He expects the same from us. As we love others as Christ loved us, our very actions point to Him, bearing testimony to Him.  In Matthew 5:16, Jesus told the disciples, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  When we do this, we fulfill our purpose, which is to know God and make Him known whenever and wherever we can.
The issue of human sex trafficking is enormous.  If we ponder it long enough, it would appear helpless.  There’s a joke that asks “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  The way the war against of human sex trafficking will be won is one act at a time.  We all have been called into this battle, whether we’re aware of it or not.  We may not be busting into brothels (yes, those do exist in the United States today) pulling girls out and taking them to safe houses or writing a book on the issue, but we can all do something.  Jesus gave you skills and talents.  He’s simply asking you to use your giftings to care for those He loves.
Today, I’ll release the next segment of Rescuing Hope at Resolution Hope at 5 p.m.  While you’re on their website, take a moment to join the 13A campaign by adding your name to the petition slated for the President’s desk.  Your signature can activate the President to invest national resource in this war against our children. It takes less than five minutes, but it matters.  Write to your county commissioners, asking them to hire more law enforcement officers to staff the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Department of the police force so more children will be rescued, more pimps and johns will be arrested, and the runaway cases can be followed up on to prevent girls from being lured into the lifestyle. Volunteer with a local organization such as Wellspring Living or Out of Darkness to help spread the word of the issue or to love on some survivors.  Pray for the girls held in bondage and those fighting to rescue them. No one can do everything, and I’m not asking you to try.  All I’m asking is for everyone to do at least one thing.  What will your one thing be today?