Have you ever had a car accident? When my children were one and three I took them to Holden Beach to spend a long weekend with my parents.  My husband worked that day, but he was joining us later.  I grew up going to Holden Beach, so I practically drove on auto pilot. That is until I was passing through Rockingham, NC and a truck started coming into my lane.  There was nowhere to go.  If I moved right, I would hit the curb and either a building or a parking lot full of cars.  If I moved left, I would hit another car.  If I slammed on breaks, a car would hit me from behind.  I had nowhere to go. What could I do?
My children were in the car. The protective, mama bear in me rose to the occasion.  I blew my horn and swerved right as I cried out, “Jesus, help me!” We hit the curb at a high speed, jumped it and came down with a thud, blowing a tire.  How we landed where we did is beyond me. My car was perfectly placed between two telephone poles without a scratch on it.  The only thing wrong with it was a blown tire. I sat there stunned until my three year old said, “That was fun, Mommy!  Can we do it again?”
The telephone poles blocked me from getting the back doors open, so I had to crawl over the seat and get my children out of their car seats, then crawl back over the seat with them to exit the driver’s door. When we got out of the car, four men rounded the corner in a line, looking like a commercial or something.  They asked if I needed help.  You think? As it turned out, they were mechanics with a shop two buildings down. They were able to get my car out, repair it and have us back on the road within an hour.  I didn’t have enough cash with me to pay for it and they didn’t take credit cards.  They sent me on my way with the promise my husband would stop by in a few hours and pay for my repairs. As I was climbing in my car to leave a man pulled into the parking lot. He had the license tag number of the truck, as well as the make and model of the vehicle.  He was a grandpa who wanted to help “anyone with two little children who could have been killed.” I’m still stunned by how everything worked out.
You would think after an experience like that, I wouldn’t freak out when I face difficulties.  But at times I do.  Yesterday, I received some hard news to swallow, leaving me with a difficult decision. I sat on my back patio asking God, “What do I do? I’m so confused.”
In 1 Kings 18:16-39, Elijah experienced one of the greatest miracles of the Old Testament. He was faced with something impossible.  He couldn’t have made it happen if his life depended on it; however, nothing is impossible with God [Luke 1:37].  Elijah called upon the Lord and the Lord showed up in such a powerful way, it turned the heart of a king and his subjects. Why then, do we see Elijah hiding under a bush a few short verses later, scared to death [1 Kings 19:1-8]? He had just seen God do the miraculous and yet He lacked faith in the very One who had delivered him. Even then, God loved Elijah.  He came to Elijah, where he was, and called him out and assured him he wasn’t alone.  Elijah was sent on his way to complete the work God called him to do.
Elijah and I have something in common. We both doubted God even after He had proven Himself not only capable of getting us out of a bad situation, but faithful to do so. God went after Elijah Himself and gave him a gentle kick in the butt.  The Lord sent my swift kick through a friend posting something on my Facebook page. It was the picture above. 
I don’t have to figure out my situation out.  I couldn’t if I tried.  I need to pray and trust in the Lord.  He wasn’t taken by surprise by my situation and He knows exactly what to do [Hebrews 4:13]. Are you like me, freaking out over something you’re facing, not sure how to handle it? Don’t wait for your own kick in the butt.  Learn from mine.  God is faithful [Deuteronomy 7:9]. We all need to live by Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”  He will be faithful to guide me and He’ll do the same for you.  What do you need to trust Him with today?