What do you enjoy doing?  What are you good at?  Those are two questions I’ve always asked people who have wanted to partner with me in ministry whether it was when I was working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or in my own ministry.  It has been my experience that people are more likely to get involved and stay involved if they are serving out of their strengths rather than just plugging in where a need exists.  Now there are times people may not know what their strengths are or what they enjoy doing, so you have to provide opportunities for them to try various aspects of a ministry or organization until you find the proper fit for them, but once it clicks, they’re full speed ahead. 
Today, I had the opportunity to meet two lovely ladies who were both interested in learning more about the issue of human sex trafficking in America.  They wanted to know about the various organizations on the front lines in their area and how they could get connected. 
Over lunch a young mother shared how her heart longed for these girls to find freedom from captivity.  She wants to be involved but recognizes raising a preschooler right now could limit her opportunities to connect on a consistent basis.  Does that disqualify her from the cause? Of course not!  God wouldn’t burden her heart for this issue only to have her sit out of the fight.  As we talked over Mexican food, she shared her passion for prayer and soon discovered the greatest way she could join the ranks of those fighting for the freedom of these young ladies is through intercession.  She realized she could pray while she washes dishes or folds laundry, covering the young ladies, the detectives who are fighting to rescue them and the organizations who care for them once they’re rescued.  She walked away excited and eager to get started. 
Later in the day, I met a woman who is a nurse by day but a very gifted artist during her free time.  She wanted to learn about my ministry, the issue of human trafficking in our area and see how she could get involved.  First I asked her to tell me about her art. As she talked, it became apparent her talent was not the result of years of training under master artists, rather, it was a gift given to her by God.  The various mediums she has mastered, from metal work to painting with acrylics, impressed me.  As I looked at some samples of her work, my wheels started turning.  I asked, “Would you ever consider visiting one of the safe houses or restoration centers and doing an art project with the girls?”  Her face lit up like a Christmas tree.  She immediately starting sharing the type of piece she’d love to teach them and what supplies would be needed and how each one could take the basic concepts she’d teach and create their own individual masterpiece.  Go God!  With just a few simple questions, a new ministry was developing before my very eyes.
God calls us all to do His work [Matthew 10:8, 28:18-20]. We are His witnesses, according to Acts 1:8, not just in the ends of the earth, but in Jerusalem (aka. where we live). One way we can witness to the love, grace, and mercy of God is by giving whatever we have to the Lord to use for His purposes [John 6:9].  He has equipped each one of us with what we need to be a unique witness for Him [Hebrews 13:20-21].  If we take what we have and meet people where they are, like Jesus did the Samaritan woman in John 4:5-29, then He can speak life and love to them through us.
You may not have two fish and five loaves of bread or an artistic talent to offer, but you have something.  I want to challenge you to take a bold step today. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the skills, talents and offerings He has placed inside of you for the purpose of reaching the lost or those in need.  Questions lead to answers, which leads to action. If you’re willing to risk such a question, you’ll be amazed by what He reveals.  God blesses us to make us a blessing for others.  Whatever He gives us is meant to be shared. Matthew 10:8 reminds us, “Freely you have received, freely give.” What have you been given that you’re willing to give away today?  There’s a lost and hurting world out there who not only needs what you’re willing to give, they need you.