What is your favorite Christmas decoration?  I put that question out to many of you on Facebook and had a great deal of fun hearing the various answers.  Many of the mothers said, “Anything made by my children.” I agree.  The various ornaments and decorations that are reflective of little hands and lots of love are very precious to me.  Others shared how they had a treasure that had been given to them when they were born or something that had been passed down through the generations.  One person shared how her favorite decoration was a gold, glittery star her husband made for their very first Christmas tree, when they didn’t have a lot of money.  Another shared how she was given her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary ornament after they passed away.  What a great reminder of the heritage of marriage in her family.

During this season of Christmas, I challenge you to take time to pass down some of your favorite Christmas memories with your friends and loved ones but also memories of God’s faithfulness through the years.  He reminds us of this in Deuteronomy 31: 8

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

What memory comes to mind when you think of the faithfulness of God? For me, there are too many to count.  I’ll share a few:

  • My son, Sam, was born clubbed foot and was in a cast or brace his first year of life. The Lord promised me he would walk.  At fifteen months old, while standing beside the bead table in a McDonald’s Play Place, he turned and walked his first steps towards me.  He hasn’t slowed down since.
  • My brother, Steve, was admitted to ICU after a misdiagnosed appendicitis and spent six weeks there, five of which were on a ventilator.  His organs were functioning at about 20% and the doctors said they’d done all they could. God promised me Steve would be healed.  He walked out of that hospital and six years later, he completed an Iron man race in Florida. I was there to photograph the entire event.
  • Five years ago I was diagnosed was a malignant melanoma on my left leg.  My children were in  fifth grade and a seventh grade at the time. I wanted to see them grow up.  I wanted to grow old with my husband. God promised me I would survive and thrive.  I have been cancer free for five and a half years.

Those are just a few examples of God’s faithfulness in my life.  I could fill pages and pages with stories of His goodness to me.  I’m sure you can do the same.

When has God shown Himself faithful in your life?  Would you be willing to share it here in the comments?  Take time this Christmas season, as you look at your treasured decorations around your home, to reflect on the treasured memories of God’s faithfulness and share them with your friends and family.  You never know when your testimony will strengthen another or even lead someone to Jesus.

Revelation 12:11a,

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”