th (3)Do you always do what you’re told to do? The first time? I remember when my children were little, we taught them how important first time obedience was and held them to that standard.  We were blessed, because they caught on quickly and rarely rebelled.  Unfortunately, God can’t say the same about me.

I’ve been asked why a suburban housewife and mother of two felt compelled to write Rescuing Hope and how I ever got into the whole human sex trafficking arena. My response is, “Not by choice.”  I’d like to tell you all that I took up this cause for justice willingly, but in truth, I’m the modern day Jonah. I ran hard and fast the other way, but God always gets His way.  Let me explain.

It all started with David Delk, the regional director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He invited me to a luncheon hosted by Mary Frances Bowley of Wellspring Living.  I declined.  I didn’t even know what the luncheon was about, but something in me rared up and said, “No.”  I told him I had a conflict.  I was meeting a woman at a Starbucks near the mall.  She needed a friend to listen and the luncheon was scheduled at the same time as my meeting.

A week later I sat in Starbucks  waiting for my meeting when I got a text message,

Can’t make it.  Something came up.  I have to reschedule. Sorry.”

I gathered my things and pointed my car towards home.  I had to drive right past the restaurant where the meeting was taking place, but told myself they wouldn’t be expecting me since I declined.  I got about a quarter of a mile down the road when I encountered an accident blocking all lanes of traffic.  They were making us all do U-turns. Well, I’m stubborn, but not stupid (at least, not most days).  I decided to go to the restaurant.  When I walked in, I didn’t see a large group anywhere. Whew!  I’d tried.  I was released, right? Wrong! A waiter chased me out the door screaming, “Ma’am, Ma’am, Are you looking for the meeting?” Why on earth would he have thought that? I turned to him and he said, “The meeting is upstairs. I take you.” When I walked in the room there was a long table filled with people and only one seat open, right beside David Delk.  The waiter brought me a drink without bothering to take my order. I sat down and looked at David questioning. He smiled and said, “God told me you were coming.”

When God wants us to do something, He will ultimately have his way. Job understood that in Job 42:2 when he said,

I know that you can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted.”

Jonah also learned the hard way that God always gets his way [Jonah 1-4].  The prodigal son learned the Lord will let us run, but we  will be miserable until we come to our senses and return to what He called us to in the first place [Luke 15:11-24].

That day, God introduced me to human sex trafficking in America and within two weeks I understood what He wanted me to do.  I didn’t feel equipped to do it [Hebrews 13:20-21].  I felt others were far more capable and could do it in less time than it took me, and I reminded Him of that often.  One time I even asked Him why He didn’t have Terri Blackstock, John Grisham or Max Lucado write it, since they were very capable writers.  I think I may have heard God laugh. Seriously.  I know I heard Him tell me if they wrote the book, people would expect it to be great because they’re great writers. If I write it and it’s great, then He is guaranteed to get all the glory, because I’ve never written a book.

What has God called you to do in 2013? Will you be one of those who does what you were created to do or will you run from it?

The difference between those who do something and those who do nothing is those who do something do something.”  [Banning Leipshire]

 Will you do something in 2013?