Born Again Blessings

Born Again Blessings

Do you ever shop at thrift stores or consignment sales? They are very similar. Thrift stores are stores that sell donated clothing, furniture, and household products that have been donated, thus making the money taken into the store pure profit.  My favorite thrift stores or second-hand stores are Wellspring Treasures and The Salvation Army, not because of what they carry in their stores, but the purpose behind their stores.  Wellspring Treasures exists for the sole purpose of funding Wellspring Living, a treatment program for victims of human sex trafficking in Georgia.  The Salvation Army has also started a human trafficking branch of their ministry, so proceeds from their stores go to support this as well as a variety of other programs to help the “least of these” Jesus speaks of in Matthew 25:45.

Consignment sales split the proceeds between the seller and the organization putting on the sale or owning the store.  This weekend is the Born Again Blessings Sale in Cobb County.  It is one of the largest consignment sales in the state of Georgia and proceeds from the sale go to assist people in need through a program at the host church, Riverstone, called the Barnabas Fund.

I love that children’s consignment sales are predominately hosted by churches, because the concept so lines up with the heart of God.  He wastes nothing and a consignment sale allows people to recycle clothing from one child to another [John 6:12].  He also makes a way where there seems to be no way [Exodus 14:21-30].  Many families today are living on very limited incomes and are having a difficult time making ends meet.  Sales like Born Again Blessings allow them to clothe their children in quality clothing at a fraction of the cost. People who attend the consignment sale have the opportunity to be prayed for and the Lord’s heart is prayer [Mark 1:35, Philippians 4:6].

God takes things and people as they are and transforms them into something beautiful.  He sees value in things others discard and see as useless. In John 8: 3-11 we read about a woman caught in adultery. The Pharisees and teachers of the law saw her as worthless, deserving of death.  Jesus, however, saw her value and He defended her. Can you imagine her response? Here is a woman who others wouldn’t dare to be seen with. They viewed her lower than the ground they walked upon, deserving of death.  Jesus looked upon her and saw one deserving of life, someone who had purpose and value. Jesus is the ultimate thrifter.

Beloved, that makes my heart sing.  He looks at you and me and sees value, worth and purpose. No matter what our circumstance are right now, no matter what others may say or think about us, God says we are valuable [Matthew 12:12]

What do you see when you look in the mirror? How  would you respond to the one looking back at you? Jesus has declared you worth His very life [John 3:16]. How will you respond?