th (1)Do you like snakes?  I cannot stand them. I tend to avoid them at all costs. I did; however, have one come into my house once.  Scared me half to death. My son wanted to chop him up, in my kitchen. Needless to say, I didn’t allow that to happen. We did managed to get it out of the house, but not without some drama. You can read about it here.

Snakes are curious things.  If you do go to kill them by chopping them, you have to severe the head from the body.  You cannot just cut the tail off, because a snake can go on living if you only chop off the tail. According to Reptile Health,

All snakes can lose their tails and still survive.  They won’t regenerate, but will instead heal over and make a little nub.  If the wound is simply at the tail section and not further up the snake, the snake would be perfectly fine.”

So why am I talking about snakes? Well, from the very beginning the devil has been referred to as a serpent.  Genesis 3:1 says,

Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. “

This evil one personified is evident throughout our nation today in the form of human sex trafficking.  He is sly and crafty and manages to slither away uncaught more times than not.  He wiggles his way into unsuspecting lives and destroys them at every turn. Even with all the information available to us on the internet today, there is still so much unknown about this heinous crime.

Most organizations fighting against human sex trafficking are on the rescue and restoration side of the issue.  They rescue the victims they can find and put them through treatment centers, like Wellspring Living,  hoping to restore them and give them the hope and future God intended for them [Jeremiah 29:11].

Last night I sat with a group of advocates as Anne Kerr of Out of Darkness shared her vision to launch a Buyer’s Campaign to go after the men who buy and sell girls for one man’s twisted pleasure and another’s financial gain. As she shared the vision God had given her, I couldn’t help but think about the serpent.  The only way to truly kill a serpent and prevent him from doing anymore harm is to cut his head off.

Demand is the head of this issue.  In order to kill the serpent of human sex trafficking, we must severe the demand. 

We have to focus on men if we want to bring this to an end.

Until we focus our attention on the head of this enormous serpent called human sex trafficking, we’ll have a never ending supplies of victims in need of rescue and restoration.

Would you be willing to help severe the head? Would you commit to pray for the Buyer Campaign as it is in its infant stages? Would you be willing to contribute financially to it to make this a reality for our children, for our nation?  If so, click here to make your donation.  In the area provided for comments, please indicate your donation is to go towards the Buyer Campaign.  Today, you can take action.  You can help us clear our house, the United States of America, from the serpent trying to crawl through the cracks and destroy our children.