th (2)What sound do you wake up to in the morning? Is it the annoying beep, beep, beep of an alarm clock?  I HATE that sound.  It honestly effects me like the sound of fingernails down a chalkboard.  In fact, a local radio station ran a commercial for a while with the beeping sound of an alarm clock in it and I’d change the station when that commercial came on so I didn’t have to listen to it.

This morning, I woke to the sound of birds chirping all around.  I came into my office and heard even more birds serenading me from the trees with their endless tune for the morning.  It’s as if they are announcing the start of the day.  I’m sure they sing throughout the entire day; however,  I don’t hear them as clearly because of all the other sounds of the day. It’s in the quiet of the morning that I hear them loud and clear.

The same is true with God’s voice.  He speaks to us all the time, morning, noon, and night. He’s in constant conversation with us, guiding our steps and directing our path [Proverbs 3:5-6].  The problem is, we have so much worldly noise that we may have difficulty hearing Him above the roar. He speaks in a still, small voice… not because He can’t speak loudly, He just chooses not to [1 Kings 19:12]. Yet in the morning, in the stillness and solitude of the morning, we can hear Him.  If we would seek Him before the noise of the world starts whirling around our heads, His voice would be unmistakable.  Even Jesus sought the Father first thing in the morning.  Mark 1:35 says,

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”

Jesus wanted to hear what His Father had to say to Him.  He didn’t want any distractions like the disciples tugging on his arm trying to get his attention.  He didn’t want to be interrupted by people coming to see Him or calling out to Him while He was talking with His Father.  He didn’t want to mistaken another’s voice for His Father’s voice.  He simply wanted to hear from His Father.  It was important to Him and would drive the rest of His day.

How about you? Does the Father’s voice impact your day? Do you desire to hear from Him each day? He desires to hear from you. The choice is yours.