Our view from our seats at the concert.

Our view from our seats at the concert.

Do you like country music?  My daughter loves country music and in particular, she loves Chris Young.  My husband and I decided surprise her this year for her birthday with tickets to the Chris Young/Brad Paisley concert.  She was thrilled.  The concert was last night and she was the belle of the ball.  Everything seemed to go our way.

We made our way to the amphitheater without sitting in any traffic, which is unheard of in Atlanta.  When we arrived, we were assigned a fabulous parking space at the end of an aisle which we knew would expedite our exit. We made our way to our seats and we were blown away at their location.  We had a clear view of center stage in the second tier of seats with only one person in front of us.  My daughter was bananas.  As Brad Paisley was two songs into his concert a very official looking woman with walkie talkies and such approached me and asked,

How many people are in your party?”

I couldn’t imagine why she needed to know.  I replied,

Two, do you need to see our tickets?”

No. Do you want to go to the pit?

You mean down there in the crowd up front?

I mean front row at the stage.

Uh, yeah!

Before I knew it, she had slapped green armbands on our wrists and was leading us down front. We stood front row at the end of the track he walked down in front of the microphone on the left hand side of the stage, within arms length of him at times.  It was crazy. Brad P

My daughter looked at me with a huge smile on her face and said,

Thank you, Jesus, for doing all of this for us tonight!”

She then proceeded to tell me how He had been busy getting us to the concert without traffic, giving us the perfect parking space, great seats, and now front row at the concert. I will treasure that response more than the entire concert, because it told me she recognized Him.  She recognized something many of us fail to see… God’s hand at work in her life. photo (3)

Often when things go our way or out of the blue we’re upgraded for what appears to be no reason at all, people will say, “You’re really lucky.” The reality is, we’re blessed.  One of my favorite sayings is,

Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.”

God is always at work in our lives, we just don’t always recognize Him. It’s like the disciples who walked the road to Emmaus with Jesus. He was with them, but they didn’t recognize Him [Luke 24:13-31].

The very first survivor of sex trafficking I spoke with told me she’d given up on God while she was in the life, because she prayed for Him to rescue her and it never happened. She had just shared with me how an undercover detective had rescued her.  I had to ask,

When did you pray asking God to rescue you? Was it near the time you first saw the detective?

Her response blew her own mind.  It was about a week before she first noticed this guy, who turned out to be the detective who rescued her, that she prayed to God asking Him to rescue her. Just like in Daniel 10:12-13, sometimes the Lord’s answers to our prayers are delayed because He is warring for us.

They say hindsight is 20/20.  Reflect back over the past week, month or year and ask God to reveal when He was at work in a covert operation in your life.  Just like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, you’ll eventually recognize Him if you’re paying attention.

Please share your story here in the comments.  Hearing other people’s stories help us recognize Him in our own lives.  I’ve shared mine from last night.  Now it’s your turn…