HelpHow are you doing?  Seriously, I want to know? Are you in a good place right now or are you waiting on the Lord to step in to your circumstances?

Me? I’m glad you asked. I’ve been waiting on the Lord to do something He promised me He would do. If I’m honest with you, it’s been a bit frustrating at times.  I know I heard Him clearly, but I have yet to see Him move in that direction.  The enemy would just love it if I’d allow doubt to settle in or give in to the questions:

  • Did God really say that to me?
  • Did He forget?
  • Does He really have time to do this with everything else He has going on?
  • Does my problem really matter to God?

Do you ever find yourself asking those questions or others like them?  Isaiah 55:8 reminds us that God sees and does things differently than we do.

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if God just needs a little help bringing about what He promised? You know, just a little assistance to get things moving along faster. Yeah, me too, and it’s never worked out well when I decided to help Him.  Like He needs our help.  He allows us to partner with Him by doing what He calls us to do, not by adding our two cents to the equation. After all, He has a plan for all things and they will come to pass, according to His plans and purposes.

Job 42:2 says,

I know that You can do all things; no plan of Yours can be thwarted.”

When we interject without His prompting, not only do we prolong what we’ve been waiting for, but we create another mess God has to attend to and consequences we could have completely avoided if we’d simply waited on the Lord.

In Genesis 12:2 God tells Abraham that he will be made into a great nation. That’s pretty awesome. But Abraham wasn’t too sure how God was going to do so since he had no offspring. When the years ticked by and Sarah hadn’t given birth to a child, they decided to help God out by having Abraham sleep with Sarah’s maidservant, Hagar. How committing adultery seemed like a good solution to them is beyond me, but we’ve all made rash decisions before that seemed good at the time and turned out to be completely ridiculous in hindsight.

So what happened? Was that the end of it? Were they punished for stepping in where they weren’t invited? Ultimately, they had to live with the consequences of meddling in the situation, but God was still faithful to do what He promised. Sarah conceived a son, Isaac, the seed of promise, and through him a nation was born [Genesis 31:2, 5].

The fulfillment of the promise came 25 years after it was made. That may seem like forever to you and me, but it was perfect timing according to the Lord’s plan.

What are you waiting for the Lord to do for you? Have you tried to help Him along the way? Are you willing to fully release it into His hands and trust that He if faithful and He is for you? He will do what He says He’ll do. He’s proven so for over two thousand years.