PacsunHow does it happen? How does it suddenly become okay for one person to pay to rape another person? It doesn’t….. I mean it doesn’t happen suddenly. We live in a culture that shapes and molds us from a very early age to objectify women. People will reference movies and even television programs from time to time, pointing out the objectification of women. Others simply spout out, “Don’t watch them if they offend you.”

What about the television commercials? Since when has provocative suntanning, that is so sexually explicit Youtube puts a warning for sexually graphic content on the video, had anything to do with selling a fish sandwich? Yet it was an official Hardee’s commercial. The popular clothing store, Abercrombie and Fitch, had a campaign where people were greeted by male topless models. I’m pretty certain they weren’t selling the sweatpants the guys were wearing. Don’t even get me started on the Victoria Secret ads that come on during prime time television, when families are watching together. And now PacSun is promoting t-shirts online and in their 600+ stores with pornography on them. Yet, Topless

PacSun claims their policy is to foster a safe work environment free from harassment and abuse and that they committed to eradicate slavery and human trafficking.”

One woman, Judy Cox, chose to raise her voice for hope and say,

As I was leaving the mall, I just had this thought come to me. I couldn’t leave it. I can’t let it stay in the store window for three or four more days waiting for someone to make a decision.”

Cox bought every single provocative t-shirt in the store, costing just over $600, so they could not be put on display for others to see.

Some applauded her actions. Others saw it as radical. I believe she walked out Proverbs 31:8,

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

She took a stand and her actions spoke loud and clear, so much so networks were talking about it. Others are writing letters to the corporate offices stating their dissatisfaction with the company’s practices and have chosen to boycott the store. It doesn’t matter how you take a stand against objectification of women, pornography, and/or sex trafficking, it matters that you do something.

There is a direct correlation between pornography and sex trafficking. You can go here for research to support that claim.

People are being victimized day in and day out and we keep asking ourselves why. Why does this happen in our culture? I think we need to take a closer look at what we’ve turned a blind eye to as a nation, what we now view as acceptable, which would have been appalling to our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. We are quickly traveling down a slippery slope heading for disaster as a nation if we don’t do something. Won’t you raise your voice for hope?