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Today is the Call2Action, launched by Dining for Dignity, asking people to raise their voice for hope and write to Verizon, call them, and use your social media for public outcry. Let them know you’re not okay with them making movies available to their customers that depict children being raped by their parents and similar type movies. To learn more specifics about this issue, you can watch this video:


Or read this article, where Morality in Media said,

lewd titles like, “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Mom, Daughter, and Me.” and “Pigtail Teens Pounded” are just some of the many offerings featured on Verizon’s FIOS video on-demand service.  In a letter to MIM, Verizon’s Associate Director for Advertising and Content Standards John P. Artney defended the company’s choice to provide the content, noting that “consumers today have extraordinary choice in and control over the content available to them across these networks.”

This is not okay with me. What are your thoughts? At what point do we decide to protect freedom of speech at the cost of our children?

Proverbs 31:8 says,

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”

There are children and women being bought and sold every day for one person’s pleasure and another’s twisted gain. There is a direct correlation between pornography and sex trafficking. You can read about it here, and here.

I have personally spent time with a former porn star and listened to hear story. It was heartbreaking. A violent rape led to her involvement in the world of pornography, which in her words,

was the gateway to the escort service, otherwise known as prostitution”

and she didn’t sign up for any of it. The depth of depravity she was subjected to boggles the mind.

Today, I’m asking you to join me and Dining for Dignity by letting Verizon know you want this removed from their movie viewing options. Share your opinion on your social media. We’ve learned after lobbying for Craigslist to take down their adult services section of their publication, that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Raise your voice for hope.