Picture taken by Heather Norris Weavil

Picture taken by Heather Norris Weavil

Did you do anything exciting over Memorial Day weekend? We watched our youngest graduate from high school and celebrated with the class of 2014 by attending various graduation parties. Memorial Day itself was very quiet and relaxing.

Quiet and relaxing…. probably not words used to describe any day in Afghanistan or any of the other places our armed forces serve on a daily basis protecting us, providing the opportunity for us to have quiet and relaxing days.

Alex homecoming

Photo taken from the Marietta Daily Journal

On Sunday, a local Marietta boy came home to anything but quiet and peaceful. Lance Cpl. Alex Juedes, came home to a hero’s welcome after receiving the purple heart for his service in Afghanistan. Juedes is 21 years old, just a year older than my son, and he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. Thankfully, in his case, he didn’t have to and he was able to return home to his family. You can read about his homecoming here. 

It has been said only two people have ever willingly died for you. A soldier and Jesus [John 3:16]. Have you taken time this week to thank either? Have you made the effort to reach out to either one? Have you even thought about it? Has their sacrifice changed the way you’ve chosen to live your life?

Will you live your life differently knowing they gave up their lives so that you could live yours?