Have you ever done something stupid? Right now I’m feeling blonder than I pay to be because of my post earlier today. I wrote a blog about the two people willing to die for you, Jesus and a soldier. It was all about paying tribute to those who have sacrificed for us. It would be a beautiful tribute for Memorial Day or such, but the only problem is, IT ISN’T MEMORIAL DAY next week.

If I have an excuse, it is that I was blogging while struggling to cope with some horrible news, which I highly discourage from this point forward. I had just learned about a horrific accident that took place in Kentucky between a station wagon and a van from Refuge for Women, where several ladies have been placed for recovery from sex trafficking. All I was told is there were six fatalities. I was frantic trying to check on the girls that I knew were there from Atlanta.

Unfortunately, one girl from Atlanta died and others were injured. Needless to say, my mind was anywhere but on blogging. So, instead of remembering my totally blonde moment, let’s pray for the victims in the accident. One family was killed, 2 parents and three children. You can read more about the accident here.

I covet your prayers for them, for the staff of Refuge for Women and for the staff and volunteers of Out of Darkness. It’s a sad day in our hearts today.