bullseyeAre you a fan of the Hunger Games movies? My daughter got me hooked on the books and the movies. They filmed part of Mockingjay Part 1 in Atlanta, which had everyone a buzz. Now the trailer is out and the anticipation for the movie is growing in our house.

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? It isn’t as easy as it looks, at least not to hit the target. It takes skill and practice.

My niece was on the archery team at Wake Forest and she got quiet good at shooting. She shared how everything you do, including how you breath, impacts the shot.

During my prayer time last week, I felt like the Lord said we’re to be a fitly shot arrow. I started thinking about all I know about shooting arrows and this came to mind:

  1. The arrow doesn’t do anything on it’s own. It is fully dependent upon the shooter to determine the direction, speed and destination [John 5:19, John 15:5]. We can do nothing of worth or value on our own; however, when we place ourselves completely in the hand and will of God, He will get us exactly where He wants us to go and help us accomplish what He desires.
  2. In order to function as a fitly shot arrow in the Father’s hand, we must fully surrender/yield to Him [Isaiah 64:8]. When we yield to the shaping and molding of the Lord, the end result will always be more powerful and more beautiful than we could ever imagine.
  3. The shooter inhales as he pulls the bow back and releases his breath with the release of the arrow [1 Thessalonians 5:24].  When we are called by God to do something, we can rest in knowing He does the heavy lifting. When He releases us, the breath of God will carry us.
  4. A dull arrow will bounce off of the target instead of penetrate it [Mark 1:35, 2 Corinthians 3:14]. Time with the Lord is how we remain sharp; not just speaking prayers or doing Bible studies, but resting in His presence.

Katniss Everdeen is impressive with a bow and arrow, but she has nothing on God. He never misses His target. Are you willing to be a fitly shot arrow in His hand?