RefrigeratorDid you have a fun weekend? My husband and I visited one of our children at college for parents weekend. We couldn’t wait. It had been a month and a half since move-in day. We went out shopping, to dinner and to the football game.

We spent some time in the dorm room and Mark did what fathers do… he fixed things. He fixed the squeaks in the doors with a little WD40 WD40and then he noticed there was a problem with the Frigidaire refrigerator.

It looked normal at first glance, but upon closer inspection he realized the seal wasn’t working.

Cold air was leaking out from the side, causing things inside the refrigerator to get warmer. It wasn’t obvious that there was a leak, but it was happening. There were signs of the leak. There was condensation inside the refrigerator everywhere and the food was beginning to spoil… all because the seal was broken.

The broken seal kept the refrigerator from doing what it was created to do.

Fix the seal, fix the problem.

We each have a seal, a connection if you will, that is necessary for us to be able to do what we were created to do. God created us in His image [Genesis 1:26]. Thus, we’re created to have relationship with Him and with others [Matthew 22:36-40].

When our connection with the Lord is broken, we cannot do what we’re created to do and things begin to spoil.

Spoiled food stinks, rots and will make others sick if they consume it. When we lose our connection to the Lord we begin to stink too. We start to make poor decisions causing us and those we love difficulties and unhappiness at the very least. Just like with the refrigerator, this problem can be fixed, but it requires some time and attention. Once it’s repaired, we can get back to doing what we were created to do: know Jesus and make Him known.

How is your connection with the Lord? Look at the signs in your life. Does something stick? If so, you may need to take some time to repair the seal.