cellphone 1Droid or iPhone? Which is your preference and why? For the longest time I had a Samsung Galaxy and loved it, but it got to where the phone battery wouldn’t hold a charge. I could charge it overnight and within an hour or so it would be dead. It wasn’t just because I use my phone a lot, which I do. There was an issue with the phone’s ability to hold a charge. It needed to be plugged in constantly. Since I don’t have a power outlet with me at all times, something had to change.

My next phone was an iPhone. Since my children already had iPhones there were some family features we found beneficial. For instance, we were able to connect with our son when he studied abroad using Viber, which allowed us to text and call free as long as he was in a Wifi hotspot. It also helps that so many people have iPhones, so you can usually find a charger if your battery is running low.cellphone 2

We are a lot like a cellphone. We need to be recharged regularly. We can’t go through life multiple days without recharging if we want to operate at full capacity. Our Power source is the Lord and the way we charge our batteries is by plugging in with Him, reading His word and talking with Him about it (ie. prayer). When we fail to recharge ourselves daily, we, too, are sluggish and don’t function well.

Why not take time to recharge your batteries so you can be all you were intended to be.Unlike a cellphone, your Power source is always available for you.