Mr. ToadHow do you connect with people? Do you stay in your own little bubble or do you venture out to meet new people anywhere you can? Wherever you connect, wherever you find new friends, you can be a difference maker. You can share HOPE.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking to the Johns Creek Networking Group at the Egg Harbor Cafe [Side note: If you haven’t eaten there,it is amazing!].

The group is made up of 20+ people who meet bimonthly to help them network about their businesses and helpJohns Creek 1 further one another’s career by providing referrals. They invited me to speak about sex trafficking in America and to highlight the metro Atlanta area specifically.

I had about thirty minutes to speak and for those of you who know me and my passion for the issue, I’m just getting started at the thirty minute point. I did; however, honor their time and wrap up in thirty minutes.

What happened afterwards was my favorite part of my time there. I ended up staying for almost an hour and a half talking with people one on one. They were very kind and complimentary, but then they started sharing their stories and in some cases their connection to this issue. Our conversations inevitably found their way to Jesus, even though this was not a Christian event.

I love how God does that over and over. He takes me to events and establishments that aren’t necessarily Christian events, but He opens doors for me to invite Him in and share Him with others. Have you had similar situations? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

Is is scary at times to take that leap? You bet. Is there a risk? It wouldn’t be God if risk wasn’t involved.┬áThe good news is, He always has your back.

I had a lovely time with the people of the Johns Creek Networking group and believe several friendships will develop out of my time there. I’m just thankful I never have to go anywhere without Jesus. As I like to say,

Jesus and I can walk in together boldly or He can come in covertly. Either way, He’s coming because I don’t go anywhere without Him.”

Look for opportunities to let your light shine, even in the most unexpected places. Tune into the Lord and listen for His voice. He’ll let you know when it’s time to bring Him into the conversation. And when He does…hold on, because that’s when things really get exciting… like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.