Sitting with JesusDo you have children? If so, are they living at home still or have you experienced the empty nest? This school year my husband, Mark, and I became empty nesters. Just yesterday I saw a meme of a bird perched on the side of  an empty nest with a worm in it’s mouth and it read,

Now what am I supposed to do?”

I can honestly say I haven’t had to ask now what because the Lord has kept me occupied, but I miss my children. I miss sitting on the sofa with them for hours on end, laughing and talking through their days. I miss the sound of their voice. I miss being with them in the quiet, where we don’t have to say a word, but just love the pleasure of one another’s company.

Today, I am going to visit one of my children and I’ll get to see the other tomorrow. I’m so excited I feel like I’ve won the jackpot. It is the greatest gift….time with my children.

God feels the same way about you and me.

He cannot wait to spend time with us each day and when we fail to do so, He misses us. He longs to hear our voice [Exodus 33:11]. He desires to sit with us in the quiet [Psalm 46:10]. He wants to hear about our days, burdens and all of our concerns [Matthew 11:28]. He doesn’t want us to leave anything out. God loves us and we are the apple of His eye [John 3:16, Proverbs 7:2]. He eagerly anticipates spending time with us and when we approach Him, He is almost giddy with excitement [Psalm 45:11].

What are you waiting for? Make your Daddy’s day. Climb up in His lap and have some Daddy/daughter or Daddy/son snuggle time. Pour your heart out. He’s cleared His calendar for you and He’s just waiting.