Wordle LOVEWhat are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Are you going somewhere special with a special someone? Are you staying home alone? Are you hanging out with friends?

Valentine’s Day, typically called the day for love, can be a hard day for some people. There are those who say Valentine’s Day was created by Hallmark and chocolate companies; however, you can find out the real history of the day here.

Whether you have a significant other in your life or you’re flying solo, there is One who seeks to be your Valentine every day of the year. His name is Jesus and He is crazy about you. Psalm 45:11a tells you as much,

The King is enthralled by your beauty…”

He’s wild about you. He the most romantic one you’ll ever meet. In fact, He created romance, seriously!

  • He says there is no flaw in you [Song of Solomon 4:7].
  • He declares you fearfully and wonderfully made [Psalm 138:14].
  • Not only would He take a grenade for you, He gone one further than Bruno Mars. He already died for you because He loves you [John 3:16].
  • He’s given you the longest love letter ever written, the Bible.

He has one simple question He asks of you.

Will you be mine?”

If your answer is “yes” then He’ll sweep you off your feet and turn your world upside down. It will be the greatest adventure you’ve ever experienced.

So, to quote Captain Jack Sparrow...

What say you?”