Sam sleepingAre you a dreamer? Or I guess a better question would be do you remember your dreams? Researchers have determined all people dream- men, women, children, even babies dream. One researcher said,

During a typical lifetime, people spend an average of six years dreaming!”

That’s a lot of dreams. There’s another interesting tidbit I found out about dreams. Men and women dream differently.

According to dream researcher William Domhoff, women tend to have slightly longer dreams that feature more characters.”

That just made me laugh out loud. Even in our sleep, women have to get more words and details in than men. I guess if we don’t express our full word count in a given day, we express them in our dreams.

But do you remember your dreams? According to dream researcher J. Allan Hobson,

as much as 95 percent of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking.”

But what about the 5 percent? Research went on to say that there are many universal dreams, such as the dream of being chased, falling, arriving late somewhere or worse yet, being naked in public. But then there are those dreams that are individual to each of us. A dream you remember that is for you and you alone. What do you do with those dreams?

I had one just over five years ago. It occurred nightly for several weeks and I’d wake up from it at the exact same time, 2:30 a.m. I couldn’t ever remember the full dream. I would just remember the same scene each night, a sea of faces looking at me…young girls, every race, all looking at me with pleading eyes.

The second part of 2 Corinthians 10:5 says,

…we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

Many times this verse is quoted in reference to bad thoughts we have, but it says every thought. That includes the bad thoughts, the good thoughts, even those thoughts that occur during dreams.

For me, that meant seeking answers, first in prayer and then by scheduling appointments with others. What did this sea of faces of young girls mean to me? Was I supposed to be aware of something? Was it a place to intercede? Or was I supposed to act on something?

The bottom line is, that dream was the launch pad that sent me into six months of research about the issue of sex trafficking in America. Now you see where this is going?

As a result of that research, I wrote Rescuing Hope. But it didn’t stop there. You see, I thought writing the book was the purpose of the dream, and it was, but it was so much more.

I vividly remember the day I finally understood what God was saying to me in my dream. I was standing in my office on the phone with my book agent, Robin. We were talking through the publishing process and how to get the word out about the book. I clearly remember saying to her,

I don’t want my whole ministry to be about sex trafficking.”

I can honestly say I have no recollection of what Robin said in response, because I was floored by what God spoke loud and clear in my spirit. He said,

What if I do?”

Friends, that is the day my journey was defined. I told Robin I would have to call her back. I went face down before the Lord to take my spiritual spanking for trying to sit in His chair and direct my life, and then I got up and started walking this thing out, one step at a time.

I say one step at a time, because that’s all He shows me. I’m not sure if it’s because He thinks if I saw the whole picture I’d run out of fear or if it’s that He wants me to live dependently on Him. Honestly, it’s probably both.

What’s your dream? I don’t mean the pipe dream of living in a mansion, with a fancy car, and luxurious vacations. I mean, what is the dream you have had or have repetitively that seems to have taken root in your spirit? The thing you can’t shake. It’s time to take it captive. Take it to the Lord in prayer and see where it leads you. I can promise you, it will be a wild ride but you’ll never feel more alive.