Ordinary to ExtraordinaryHave you ever noticed that amazing days start out as ordinary days?

The day I got my first full time job was an ordinary day until the phone call came with a job offer. The day my husband proposed to me was just an ordinary day until he got down on one knee. The day I gave birth to my children was an ordinary day until my labor started.

How about you? Are there big moments in your life that you would call markers that started off as ordinary days?

I’m sure Abraham woke up and went about his daily routine before the Lord told him to take Isaac and sacrifice him [Genesis 2:22]. David was out tending sheep  the day Samuel anointed him as the future king of Israel [1 Samuel 16:13]. Mary was minding her own business when God told her she would be the mother of the Savior [Luke 1:28]. Moses was out in the desert when he came upon a burning bush [Exodus 3:2].

Normal. Ordinary. Routine…..that is until God.

Are you in need of a miracle? Are you asking God for direction for your life? Are you waiting on a job? A life partner? Healing?

How has your day started? Your miracle may be just around the corner. In fact, it may be as close as today. After all, God is famous for stepping into the ordinary and making it extraordinary.