SkellyDo you go to a chiropractor? I find some of the names of chiropractic offices hilarious. I’ve recently seen the Joint and my daughter’s favorite, Braile Chiropractic. For some reason when we drove by, she cracked up laughing.

Whenever I have an appointment at the chiropractor, I tell my family I’m going to get snapped, cracked, and popped back into shape. I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies before he’s finished with me, but the results feel amazing…. no more pain or discomfort.

So why do people to a chiropractor? Because our bodies, just like our cars, get out of alignment.

In Susan terms, our skeletal system gets out of whack and needs to be popped back.

I’m sure chiropractors have a much more eloquent explanation, but it works for me. The premise is they get everything put back the way it’s intended. Things that have moved out of line can cause discomfort and in some cases excruciating pain, bringing great disruption to life.

Have you ever noticed that your life is similar. Things can get completely off course, out of alignment, and cause great pain. It may be because we’ve made a poor choice or it could be because of something someone else has done that impacted us negatively. Proverbs 4:27 warns us,

Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.”

We need to stay in alignment. Unfortunately, we don’t always make the wisest choices. Many times we experience collateral damage.  No matter the root cause, Jesus can put things back into alignment, but we have to take the initiative. We have to go to Him.

My chiropractor, Dr. John, always says,

You know when you need an adjustment. Listen to yourself.”

The same can be said of our emotional and spiritual health. We know when things are off, when we need the Lord to make an adjustment, a correction.

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in life? Why not lay prostrate before the Master Chiropractor and allow Him to do what only He can do? He is a good Father and He knows what you need, even before you ask [Matthew 6:8]. He’s waiting. No appointment necessary.