My most recent pedicure showcasing Hill's artistic designs.

My most recent pedicure showcasing Hill’s artistic designs.

What comes to mind when you hear the word bedazzled? For me, I immediately think of the infomercial that sold a craft tool which allowed you to put rhinestones on anything you wanted.

Just in case you’re interested, it was called the Be Dazzler. and you can still buy one today from Amazon by going here or from the Be Dazzled website, here. If you’re in a real hurry and don’t want to wait for it to ship to you, then Michael’s craft store carries them.

Just think of all the things you could bedazzle. Me, the only thing I really bedazzle is my toes and I don’t actually do that myself. I pay for someone to do it. A girl’s gotta have some fun, right? I keep things professional on my fingers, but I tend to have a little sparkle on my toes.

Several months ago I decided to commit to forty days of prayer. I had several things wanted to hear from God on, but there was one question I asked Him each and every day for the forty days and every day He answered me. The question?

God, what do you think of me?”

That can be a scary prayer. I mean, what if He doesn’t answer you? Or worse yet, what if He does answer you and what He says isn’t what you want to hear?

We always expect the worst. It holds us back from so much in life. We can’t assume that of God. It’s not in His character. I know enough about God to know He is kind, gentle, and loving. Psalm 145:17 says,

The LORD is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all He has made.”

That includes you and me. I knew He wouldn’t beat me up or kick me while I was down if I asked Him this question. Besides, I really wanted to know.

I bought a special journal to record His answers and I got a red pen to write them. I figured everything Jesus said in the Bible was red letter and I wanted my own red letter words He said to me. He didn’t disappoint.

For forty days, He answered my question. Some days it was a paragraph and others just a sentence, but I treasured it, no matter what He said. When I picked up that journal this weekend and started reading through it, I laughed when I read the words Bedazzled Donkey.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was in school and someone called you a donkey, they used another term for it and it wasn’t a compliment or flattering in any way. Thankfully, God gave me an explanation and it became one of my favorite entries. He said,

You are a bedazzled donkey. You used to be a horse, charging your way through life but you’ve slowly become more of a donkey, a humble carrier of Jesus into the city. You are a bit of a bedazzled donkey because you’ve got a certain way about you – that I love – as you bring Jesus to others. That’s when the Holy Spirit is unleashed in you. You don’t force, you present and you wait. People are drawn to Me in you.”

In the time of Christ, donkeys were reserved for kings to ride; they were carriers of royalty. As Christians we carry Christ to others. Some of us may do so a little more flamboyantly than others, but we’re all called to be carriers of Christ.

Are you? Are you a carrier of Christ to others? Do you share your faith by your actions as well as your words? Do you humbly love and serve others? If so, you may be a bedazzled donkey as well.

I want to challenge each of you to take the forty day prayer challenge and ask God what He thinks about you. Would you be willing? I’d love for you to share some of what He says with us. I think you’ll be blown away by His answers. He adores you. In fact, you’re His favorite!