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My Newest Journal

Do you journal? I have been journaling off and on for years. It is a wonderful way for me to process my thoughts and feelings. It is also a way for me to record what I feel the Lord is saying to me, Scripture verses that speak deeply to me in a season of life and even song lyrics that speak to my heart.

My husband shared with me this weekend that he wanted to read back through some of his old journals, so he started pulling them out and found every one from his first journal back in 1999. As he read through them he found the exact date he led our son to Christ. What a blessing. The two of them talked about it this weekend, now 16 years later.

My husband’s journal of choice is a spiral notebook from Staples, usually brown. Not me! I love the adventure of selecting a new journal. It’s an experience. I’ll spend an hour at Barnes and Noble or another store searching it out. After all, it will contain some of my greatest treasures, my thoughts and emotions. It has to feel right, look right and fit well in my hands.

Opening the pages of the journal for the first day, seeing the blank pages, is exciting. I can’t wait to see what the first words will be. What will come spilling out onto the pages?

Jeremiah 30:2 says,

Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Write all the words which I have spoken to you in a book.'”

God told Jeremiah to write what He was saying so there would be a record of it for the people of Israel. I write in my journal so I can see what God has said to me. I write my prayers in my journal so I can see when He has answered them. It may take a journal or two before I see the answers, but what an encouragement when I read them. I also write in a journal because our minds are tricky things and we don’t always remember everything we’d like. This way, I can reflect back on it, and celebrate great things, like the day my son gave his life to Christ.

Do you journal? If not, I’d encourage you to start. You never know what God will reveal to you through the pages. It’s most exciting when we sit before Him and place the pen in His hand and rest in knowing He will write a much better story.