Hope SpokaneCan you believe we are just a couple of days away from Christmas and then we’ll only have one more week left in 2015? Where does the time go? The older I get the faster time seems to travel.

What things have you seen God do this year?

What prayers have been answered? What are you still waiting on and contending for in prayer? I really would love to hear from you. Sometimes it gets lonely out here in cyberspace.

As my last post for 2015, I wanted to share a few of my answered prayers and some of the things I’m waiting on in hopes that you’ll do the same. Matthew 18:20 says,

For where two or three come together in My name, there am I with them.”

We can partner together in prayer, believing God to show up in our situations.

Here’s some of the things God did for me in 2015:

  • I prayed and believed God for a new car, after driving the same minivan for 16 years. In June, we were able to purchase a new car after saving for a long time.
  • I prayed for wisdom and direction in my ministry and in August we founded Rescuing Hope, Inc., a nonprofit in the anti-trafficking movement. the
  • I prayed for Circle Atlanta for Hope to happen this fall and be a success. We had the full 24 hours covered in prayer and it was a huge success on many levels. We’re already planning for 2016.
  • I prayed for my husband’s health. He’s had some test results that were questionable.  We saw a specialist and he received a clean bill of health.
  • I asked God for more divine connections and I am a spokesperson for the movie, Caged No More.
  • I asked for my girls to move forward in reclaiming their lives. One graduates from college in 2016 and another starts school in 2016.

Now there are still things I’m contending for today. God isn’t Santa Claus. He desires for a relationship with us more than anything.  As we spend time with Him in prayer, our relationship grows. I will continue to press in for the areas of my life I need to see Him move.

Here are some things I’m still praying for and hope to see God move in through 2016:

  • Writing a digital middle school curriculum about sex trafficking.
  • Funding to make the curriculum happen.
  • Partners for Rescuing Hope who will give of their time, talents, and resources.
  • For my son’s acceptance into the graduate school he is supposed to attend and for provision to make it happen.

I would love for you to contend with me for the things I’m still waiting on and I would also love to hear from you. Go to the comments. Share your prayer requests and praises. Hearing others’ testimonies strengthens our faith.

Merry Christmas to you all. I’m praying 2016 is your best year yet.  I’ll meet you back here in January.