Women on a Bench - Susan Norris Speaks to Women


Stop! Thief! Reclaiming Your Spiritual Identity

We wouldn’t allow a thief into our homes to steal our belongings, yet many of us allow the thief into our minds to steal our true identity. Through Stop! Thief!, Susan helps listeners identify the lies they’ve embraced as truth and equips them to take back their spiritual identity by replacing Satan’s lies with God’s Truth.

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[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]“Susan captivates an audience through her energetic personality and her passion to deliver God’s truth.  Susan’s love for God’s word is obvious as she delivers her message.
Gina Fancher
Director of Women’s Ministry
Due West United Methodist Church
Kennesaw, Georgia[/box]

Beauty and the Beast

Through her interactive teaching style, Susan helps her listeners discover the mirage of obtainable beauty the media portrays and reveals God’s definition of beauty and how one can obtain it.  This is a fabulous message for a one day event for a women’s ministry or a mother/daughter event.

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[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]“We so enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast luncheon brought to our church by the talents of Susan Norris.  It was a wonderful topic to connect the old and young ladies of our church and was presented in a fun, interactive way that got people talking and learning more about each other.  The world provides a loud voice to women and girls about what it expects us to be. Susan did a wonderful job of turning up the volume on who our heavenly Father says we already are.”
Joanne Cirincione
Director of Spiritual Growth and Education
Wesley United Methodist Church[/box]