If You Only Knew

Human Trafficking - a girl tied up with "Help Me" on her handsWhen people hear the phrase Human Sex Trafficking they typically think of third world countries; however, it is happening in the United States daily.  Research estimates that 300,000 youth in America are at risk of becoming victims each year. This heinous crime covers every race and socioeconomic demographic.

Through countless hours of interviews and endless research, Susan learned information every parent should know.  In “If You Only Knew” she shares insight into the crime and precautionary steps that can be implemented by anyone.

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[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]My daughter and I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Susan which ended up being very informative and reaffirmed some of my parental decisions. I tend to have a much shorter leash, so to speak, than most of her friends. Since hearing what Susan have to say I no longer wrestle with wondering if I am being over protective. My daughter has a new respect and I would say appreciation for the guidance and limits that I set for her. She was surprised by the reality of the closeness of the dangers that she could face in our community. We often find ourselves pointing out areas that would be easy “pick up” spots and discuss what make them so, such as a small stretch where none of the homes have a window facing the road, among other things. I am grateful to be armed with as much information as possible to keep my children safe and Susan has a lot to offer!
Meredith Houston
Parent of a Teenage Daughter[/box]