Job Opening!

How did you spend your day yesterday? I had the opportunity to camp out at one of my favorite coffee shops in the city and work for a while. The scenery was beautiful, there was a gentle hum of conversations and computer clicks in the background, and the coffee was tasty, even if it looked a little strange in the presentation. I think the barista had a sense of humor and wanted to know if I'd say anything. The artwork reminded me a bit of Alf. After getting a couple of hours of work under my belt, I had the [...]

Unique Coffee Shops of Spokane

When you think of coffee shops, what comes to mind? Is it your favorite cup of coffee or a favorite coffee shop? Starbucks maybe? On my recent trip to Spokane, Washington, I was excited about experiencing the coffee there. After all, Washington is home to Starbucks and said to have some of the best coffee in the country. The first thing I noticed about the area coffee shops is their  size and location. The vast majority of the coffee shops were more like huts than  shops. In fact, they're not much bigger than an outhouse. And you can literally find one on just [...]

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