Just hold on and you’ll make it.

NBCs's Running Wild with Bear Grylls pictured with Zac Efron Have you watched the new program on NBC called Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls? It is about people overcoming crazy circumstances in the wild with nothing but a few tools they carry on their backs and their common sense. Our family has found it to be very entertaining. I'm not so sure we'd think of it as entertaining if we were the ones facing the extreme circumstances; however, we all do from time to time. Oh, I know we're not necessarily dropped out of a helicopter in [...]

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Focus is the key to survival!

Are you familiar with who Bear Grylls is? He's a crazy man. His name is Edward Michael Grylls but he is known by the world as Bear Grylls. He is probably most well known for his television series Man vs. Wild. He is one who is world renown for being able to survive in the wild. He served in the British military as a member of the SAS. He's a man's man and looks fear in the face and tackles it. NBC hasĀ a new program called Running Wild with Bear Grylls. It is an adventure program where well known celebrities [...]

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