This calls for war!

Have you seen the movie War Room yet? It released this past week and is doing quite well in the box office, ranking number 2 this weekend and bringing in an estimated $10.7M. It is proving, by it's own tagline, that prayer is a powerful weapon. As the fifth movie made by the Kendrick Brothers, War Room starred some recognizable faces in the faith community. Well known speaker, teacher, and writer, Beth Moore made a cameo appearance in the movie, while fellow speaker, teacher, writer, Priscilla Shrier, starred in the movie. When asked why she thought it was important to make a movie [...]

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Heat Required!

Do you have a favorite Christmas treat that you make every year? I can't make it through a Christmas season without making sugared nuts. My family devours them.Our neighbors wait for them. I've even had a friend call and remind me this year that he is supposed to be on the list to receive them. I've made pecans in the past, but they've gotten so expensive that I tried a new recipe for sugared peanuts and they seem to disappear as quickly as the pecans. You start with raw nuts. Then you coat them in a sugar mixture and place [...]

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Are you stuck?

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour this past Saturday night? It's always nice to have an extra hour of sleep, especially when you can do so without losing an hour anywhere in your day. This morning as I sat down at my desk, I glanced at the clock on my bookcase and realized not only had it not been moved back an hour, it was no longer working. The battery in it had died one day at seven minutes past eleven. Obviously, it has gone unnoticed for some time now. I love that clock because it [...]

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Getting a Big Name Endorsement

Have you ever heard the expression, It's not what you know, but who you know? Having connections in life tends to open doors and gain the attention of others. As a writer, having endorsements from famous people or other well known writers opens doors. It gains the attention of agents and publishers. I remember pitching my very first book idea to an acquisition's editor at a writer's conference. I was scared to death. Fortunately, I had gotten to know the editor throughout the week socially, so some of the anxiety about our meeting had subsided. At the very least, him was [...]

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I want to be like……

Who do look up to?  Who do you say "I want to be like ___" in life, whether it's an athlete, a singer, a writer, or a business mogul?  We all have people we admire for their accomplishments and place in life. Back in the 90s, there was a Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan in it and the song playing in the background was Like Mike. The lyrics are, Sometimes I dream that he is me You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be I dream I move, I dream I grove Like Mike If I could be [...]

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